Welcome, pets! Discover the most petfriendly Lavapiés

Chiqui, Toby, Tara... all pets are welcome in Lavapiés! We officially welcome you to one of the liveliest and most entertaining neighbourhoods in Madrid.

Chiqui, Toby, Tara... all pets are welcome in Lavapiés! We officially welcome you to one of the liveliest and most entertaining neighbourhoods in Madrid, especially if you have four legs and share your home with at least one human ;) Very central for those of you who enjoy being at the feet of your masters while they have a coffee and just a short walk from Madrid Río for the more sociable and intrepid sportsmen and women who like to have a good run on your walks.

Lavapiés is the perfect neighbourhood for you to come and live in, because the locals will be delighted to give you a couple of caresses when they see you strolling along any of our streets with your masters.

Feline friends, we assure you that your windows will be the perfect place to watch everything that goes on in our streets, you won't miss a fly! You will always have something to watch.

And now, dear owners, thank you very much for making our neighbourhood so varied and full of the joy that these little companions of life spread! More and more shops and businesses are accepting this type of companion in their businesses and we hope that this number will continue to increase little by little in the neighbourhood.

That's why from enLavapiés we want to recommend you our favourite places to enjoy our four-legged friends here in the neighbourhood, here are our recommendations!

Veterinarians and pet shops in Lavapiés

It's always a good idea to know where your nearest clinic is, for this very reason we can't fail to recommend the clinics in your neighbourhood where you can rest assured that you will be able to leave your beloved pet in excellent hands when the need arises.

Valmeda Veterinary Clinic

In this clinic they are 100% committed to the health of your pets: dogs, cats, birds... And they perform treatments, any pet care and preventive treatments. A place where you breathe good vibes from the moment you walk in the door!

Can Contento Veterinary Clinic

This is also a very complete clinic where the health care of your pets is the priority of its professionals. They have hairdressing services, toy and accessory shop, surgeries, consultations... and much more! It's a pleasure to walk in the door and feel, both you and your pet, as if you were at home.

OK Pet

For this reason, OK Mascota is another of your pets' favourite places, because here they will find their favourite food. It is a shop specialising in BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) in menu format, although they also have the ingredients, protein, fruit and vegetables, separately to make the mixture as best suits each pet.

Not only that, but they also have menus with cooked, canned or sausage ingredients, which improves your pet's intestinal activity and health, which will be reflected in their coat and attitude. This type of food improves your pet's intestinal activity, as well as its health, which will be reflected in the good condition of its coat and its attitude. And all their food is natural and chemical-free! What more could you ask for?

Your pet deserves the best, that's why this is the natural products shop you need for your pet, don't miss it!

And having said all this, we just have to say goodbye until the next post so...ciao, woo and meow 😉.

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