28 bands fuse Brazilian, Latin American and European roots. 54 street concerts reflect the ethnic diversity of Lavapiés.



28 national and international bands perform at the IX Festival de la Tapa y la Música de Lavapiés, Tapapiés 2019. The Madrid neighborhood hosts a total of 54 street concerts on weekends from 18 to 20 and 25 to 27, at noon and night: Fridays (20:30), Saturdays (13:30 and 20:30) and Sundays (13:30). They are held simultaneously in Argumosa, Ave María, Embajadores, Lavapiés and Santa Isabel streets, in addition to Plaza de Cascorro, which is incorporated this year as a great novelty.

Circus shows and street theater make up the family program, on Saturdays and Sundays at 12:30 in the Plaza de La Corrala de Sombrerete, which also hosts a kermés castiza de chotis. In addition, two open swing and social dance classes are organized on Saturdays from 12:00 in the Plaza de Arturo Barea. Estrella Damm sponsors Tapapiés for the eighth consecutive year. Organized by the Asociación de Comerciantes de Lavapiés Distrito 12. All the musical and family program at Tapapiés.com.

Sounds of the world

The musical world map of Tapapiés reflects the ethnic and cultural plurality of Lavapiés. Colombian cumbia, Brazilian forró and Cuban son coexist with jazz, rumba and World Music. The sidewalk moves to the rhythm of batucada, swing orchestras and rock & roll power, wrapped in danceable bubbles of funk, open to the folk richness of the Pan-American song, the emotionality of a ranchera and the romanticism of the songwriter's song. There is no lack of bluegrass bands, others faithful to indie, classic Spanish pop, without forgetting rap, experimentations with flamenco and electronics or medieval fantasies of harp and violin. Which sound do you prefer?

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Batucada of Hakuna Ma Samba at Tapapiés 2017. JCD.

The educational-musical project Tardes de garage opens the program on Friday 18 (20:30) at the Plaza de Arturo Barea. The teenagers of the Garage Association will rap about their personal experiences, calling for a fairer society.

Lavapiés trembles with the Brazilian batucada of Hakuna Ma Samba and the SteamFunkShow of El Puntillo Canalla Brass Band. The multitudinous parades recover these two emblematic formations of Tapapiés. New Tocados repeats from 2018. Its nine members combine schotis with salsa and ska in a more than explosive combo. The bands leave on Fridays (20:30), Saturdays (13:30 and 20:30) and Sundays (13:30) from the squares of Antón Martín and Tirso de Molina.

From forró to charango

La cuerda floja mixes Colombian cumbia with reggae, rumba and Cuban son. Its catchy Latin atmosphere stands out in the first musical day of Tapapiés, Friday 19 (20:30) at Plaza de Cascorro. The mestizaje of Tapapiés reaches the forró, a danceable style from the northeast of Brazil, fruit in turn of many other native styles such as the 'xote' and the 'xaxado'. We dance it with the Brazilian quintet Forró Girandeiro, Friday 25 (20:30 - Embajadores, 33).

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From left to right and top to bottom, Tapapiés 2019 artist mosaic: Flayaz, Swing Machine, La cuerda floja and Yorch.. TP.

The Pan-American song always establishes a bridge back and forth. El aguacate 's compositions in Spanish incorporate the richness of rhythms, textures and colors of Latin American folklore. Saturday 19 (20:30 - Embajadores, 33). Arriving from Venezuela, the members of the trio Son 3 na más have performed with world Latin stars such as Tito Puente and Andy Montañez. Their rancheras will also make us enjoy on Saturday 19 (20:30 - Lavapiés, 38).

Contrabandeando traffics with Latin sonorities from the north to the south of the American continent. Eight musicians from different generations exchange experience and impetus. To hypnotize you or make you bounce, Saturday 26th (20:30 - Plaza de Cascorro). Without leaving South America, the Chileans Emilia and Pablo reinterpret their roots with the charango or guitar of the Andes, sprinkled with other music such as flamenco. Sunday 20 (13:30 - Argumosa corner with Doctor Piga).

Female fusion

The four members of Magara fuse singer-songwriters' songs and world music, with the sweetness of a breeze or the strength of a tide, always in favor of love. Friday 18 (20:30 - Embajadores, 33). On Friday 18, Abel Calcetta and Blanca Paloma bring Argentina and Spain together in the heart of Lavapiés (20:30 - Ave María, 27). Their versions recall artists from both sides of the pond, from Mercedes Sosa, Fito Páez and Luis Alberto Espinetta, to Camarón and Antonio Carmona, among others. And don't miss the rumba, indispensable in Tapapiés, with the brothers Manuel and Francisco: Rumbas Brothers, Saturday 26 (20:30 - Embajadores, 33).

Dandann Tapapiés

Inspired by Nina Simone and Elia Fitzgerald, the street singer Dandann wanders the world mixing her jazz roots with indie, blues and soul. TP.

Immaterial Heritage of Humanity, flamenco is also part of the eclecticism of Samuel Castela, ex-vocalist of Colocando. His new language also plays with rap and electronic bases, without any kind of ties. Friday 25 (20:30 - Ave María, 27).

The creatures of the forest come to life in the melodies of Victor Santal and Marta Ponce, one of the most original concerts of Tapapiés. Harp and violin open the doors of dreamlike universes of fantasy, sword and sorcery... Friday 18 (20:30 - Santa Isabel corner Torrecilla del Leal).

The thousand and one forms of jazz are reborn at Tapapiés. Inspired by Nina Simone and Elia Fitzgerald, street singer Dandann wanders the world mixing her jazz roots with indie, blues and soul, from the USA to Thailand. Friday 18 (20:30 - Lavapiés, 38). The captivating versions of the acoustic duet Aqstics travel through different eras not only of jazz, but also soul, pop and rock. Saturday 19 (13:30 - Argumosa corner with Doctor Piga).

Frenetic orchestras

Meanwhile, the Madrid sextet Tara & The Jazz Bombs performs the vibrant traditional jazz of the legendary New Orleans of the 20's. Pure hot jazz and vintage swing in Lavapiés! Saturday 19 (12:30 - Plaza de Arturo Barea). If we still want to move the skeleton more, we sign up for the frenetic end of the party of the Swing Machine, "the first swing string orchestra", composed of 12 musicians. Sunday 27 (13:30 - Plaza de Arturo Barea).

Press Tapapies

Los Gallos present their first album 'Squirt' in Lavapiés. Their powerful live performance in the purest rock'n roll style is one of the most anticipated of Tapapiés 2019. TP.

Pure rock'n roll!

Gallos is one of the most anticipated live acts of Tapapiés 2019. Produced by Iván Chapo González (M-Clan), their first album 'Squirt' recycles modern rock landscapes. Their concerts bring out the heavy artillery to leave a dent. Friday 25 (20.30 - Plaza de Cascorro).

The unified force of rhythm & blues, rock & roll and punk hits hard with Jumbo Squid. Seasoned in hundreds of concerts, Victor Sanchez and Joe O'Boyle lift you off the floor on Saturday 19 (20:30 - Argumosa corner with Doctor Piga). To the rhythm of blues-rock, Dead Puppet Orchestra' s 'recital of death' recreates songs of yesterday and always with humor, irony and a few bones to spare. Saturday 19 (13:30 - Plaza de Cascorro).

It's funk time. Emerging band of the moment in Madrid, Rachel Reyes & The Fireballs heat up Embajadores street with the most urban and danceable black music on Saturday 19 (13:30). As a performance, the Cordovan (Argentina) Flayaz improvises soul, r'n'b, trap, hip hop and low fi with loops of her own voice. Saturday 19 (13:30 - Santa Isabel corner with Torrecilla del Leal).

The musical repertoire is completed by the bluegrass of Kinfolks, the carefree songs of the Tibory Boxy Sox quintet, the indie pop of Yorch and the warm Spanish pop of Barcelona's Espín.

Circoactivo Tapapiés

Performed by Iván Alone, the show 'Aire' of Circoactivo combines clowning and acrobatics around a five-meter Chinese pole. TP.

For the whole family

Circus, acrobatics, clown, chotis... Big and small, grandparents and grandchildren, parents and children, aunts and uncles and nephews... from 12:30 nobody gets bored in the Plaza de La Corrala de Sombrerete. On Saturday 19, Ivan Alone installs a five-meter Chinese flagpole. The show 'Aire' by Circoactivo combines the absurdity of the clown and the virtuosity of the acrobat. Will it fly in its final number?

On Sunday 20, the clown Dos perillas (Miguel Julián) performs his act 'Este país es un circo', awarded by the public at the Valladolid Street Theater Festival. Classic circus arts alternate with street theater, improvisation and jester's reflections. On Saturday 26th the clown Mireia Miracle entertains the whole square. Reminiscent of Charles Chaplin, his multidisciplinary proposal 'Rojo' addresses social issues from laughter and tenderness, symbolism and poetry.

Una lágrima' tells the story of an intimate, awkward and funny encounter between a cellist and a clown. The elegant and emotional circus of the Alberto Quirós Company combines music and delicate acrobatics to take us to a space that was and still is... where two souls share.

On Sunday 20 (from 11:30 to 15:30) it's the turn of the traditional 'kermés castiza' Chotis not dead. Organillo, barquilleros, violeteras, chulapas and chulapos, vintage photographers... They and the neighbors relive the Madrid of the 30s in the heart of Lavapiés. In addition, open swing classes by the Swingmaniacs collective, Saturdays at 12:00 in the Plaza de Arturo Barea.

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Tapapiés 2019. From left to right and top to bottom, 'melon heart'. (Automatic), 'kashmiri tikka masala' (Megha). (Megha), 'pure soul' (Alma Café)(Alma Café) and 'tamarind delicacy' (La Tentation) (La Tentación). NA.

138 tapas of the world

138 tapas from around the world are participating in the IX Multicultural Tapas and Music Festival of Lavapiés, Tapapiés 2019, from Thursday, October 17 to Sunday, October 27. 58 of them are the work of the owner, the manager or the cook of the establishment. This represents 42.6% of the tapas at Tapapiés, a fact that illustrates the exponential female protagonism in positions of responsibility in the hotel and catering industry. Women occupy 51.2% of employment in the national restaurant industry, one of the sectors with the highest gender parity according to the INE's Labor Force Survey.

108 bars and restaurants in the Madrid neighborhood join the Tapapiés festival, which again beats its record number of participants (13 more than in 2018), with 30 local and gourmet stores from the San Fernando and Antón Martín markets.

The public can follow the route from Tapapies.com. By voting for their favorite tapas and performances, they enter in the draw for an iPhone 11. Each tapa is served at 1'5€ and for one euro more is accompanied by a bottle or can of Estrella Damm. Tapapiés news are updated on their social networks and You Tube Channel.


You can access complete information about Tapapiés 2019 from Gastronosfera, a blog about trends, restaurants and leisure proposals. In addition, to know the tapas of the participating establishments and get all the details comfortably from the mobile, Gastronosfera has a free app for Android and IOS.

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Above, one of the performances of Tapapiés 2018 at Plaza La Corrala in Sombrerete. Below, night parade of New Tocadosalso in the last edition. JDC.

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