There's a wormhole inside you - The Spring Threshold

09 January, 2022 at 20:00.
14€ in advance / 15€ at the box office

- Performers: Carla R. Cabané, Iván Luis, Marcos de Frutos, Marta Kawalec and Néstor Goenaga.
- Author and choreography: Tomás Cabané in collaboration with the performers.
- Director: Tomás Cabané.

Dance theater piece that talks about what we have lost in time. Within this loss we talk about our childhood, language, love, human contact or all those women who never went down in history despite having done important things.

To talk about all this we use the phenomenon of the wormhole as a space-time bridge because it allows us to make a sensory and deep journey to see how we are and what we have lost inside the wormhole. This is an attempt to talk about OTHERS to end up talking about OURSELVES.

  • El Umbral de Primavera (11, Primavera St.)
  • January 09, 2022