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OK Mascota EnLavapiés

Dogs and cats are carnivorous animals, so their diet should consist mainly of raw meat. At OK MASCOTA, you have BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), in menu format, although you also have the ingredients, protein, fruit and vegetables, separately to make the mixture as best suits your pet. The menus are also available with cooked, canned or sausage ingredients. This food improves your pet's intestinal activity, which translates into better health, which you will see in their coat and attitude.

All feeds are natural, without chemical products such as colourings or flavour enhancers and without cereals as carnivorous animals do not process them well, they are made with quality proteins of animal origin suitable for human consumption.
In addition, they offer recreational bones as a toy, which not only entertain them but also improve their oral health.

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